Who am I

Sascha Friese

Student Master of Business Administration Finance

Proprietary Trader

Hello Trader and Investors,

beside my full-time job, I am a Trader since years. During that time, I saw a lot of people failing in this business and I decided to help them, that´s why I founded TradeandGrow.

My target is to give beginners and failed Traders helpful assistance in this business. I share almost daily trading ideas and education on my Website, TradingView and Twitter.

In addition I offer my book, which explain trading and investment more in detail step by step.

It is may be one of the hardest business you can do, but very rewarding if you are patient and capable of learning for hard challenges.

If you have further questions, you can message me on TradingView, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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In my private life I am very sporty and structured, and I also like to spend my time learning new interesting topics.

There is a reason, why we should never stop learning, the world is constantly changing and if you want to keep up, you have to keep pushing your limits.

Personal and professional development requires you to challenge yourself over and over again!

That´s why I set very high standards for myself!

Meeting Room

Full-Time Job

In my full-time position, I am responsible for financials, balance sheets and contracts.

The Controlling, Project Management and Risk Management are my basic responsibility on a daily basis.

Overall, I deal with numbers, risk assessment, negotiations and future planning every day.

Therefore, I can use a lot of comparable skills in trading and my full-tim job.

Trading business

I already mentioned it above, I am delighted to be able to offer you my book.

The purpose is to give beginners a chance to learn everything about trading, from the first steps to the advanced stock Trader.

It will be helpful for experienced, but failed Traders as well.

You can download a reading example below, or go directly to the Trader book tab to get more information.